Holmbury Honey

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1lb | 453g | 330ml (approx.)

We do not blend our honey with any other sources and only the nectar brought in by our forager bees is used only for the honey production. The honey is uncapped from the combs, inserted within a centrifuge extractor and stored within ripening tanks using gravity filtration & bottled in jars.

We do not have many hives, so, we have a limited amount for sale which has become popular in our local area. Jars of honey can now be purchased on-line and collected from the Apiary or they can be posted in a safe packaging for an additional charge. Honey can still be purchased from the stall in the lane, but by prior arrangement to deter theft.


5 reviews for Holmbury Honey

  1. Miss S  

    Honey is amazing

  2. Mr I       

    We think your honey is absolutely delicious

  3. Mr P     

    I bought a number of jars of honey last year as the taste was amazing. I returned this year and bought some more. The honey is very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend it. It is the best local honey that I have ever tasted.

  4. Mr S      

    Wonderful honey

  5. Mr P     

    Best local honey I have ever tasted

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